Rock N' Rule is one of the playable characters and main protaganists of the game. It's piloted by Elvis D. Kang.

Character Bio Edit

D. Kang strikes a cruel chord with an arsenal that can only be measured in megatons. This jumpsuitedd throwback really knows how to rock your world.

Type of vehicle: Cadillac


Top Speed: 7/10

Handling: 7/10

Armor: 5/10

Mass: 5/10

Special Weapon: Glitter Rocket- Three red rockets home in on the nearest target and explode into glitter once it hits the designated target.

Quotes Edit

"Elvis has left the building!" -When you defeat him

"Well uh-huh!" -When you select him

Trivia Edit

  • His appearance and mannerism is an obvious parody of Elvis Presley. Along with D. Kang's voice sounds a bit like Elvis, the line "Elvis has left the building" makes a reference here as well.
  • The name "Rock n' Rule" is a parody of 'rock and roll' considering the fact Elvis was known as "King of Rock n' Roll."