"Lethal force has been AUTHORISED!!!"

-Nightshade, if selected

Nightshade is one of two goons (the other being Goliath) sent by Big Daddy to stop you in your tracks and one of the two secondary antagonists of the game. You face her in Neon Nightmare. To unlock her, you need to beat the game using Rock N' Rule to get the code: R1, R2, L1, L2, X, Circle.

Character Bio Edit

"Half machine, half flesh and bone, Nightshade is one cyborg that is ALL woman. Don't you try to look behind her eyes. You don't want to know what they have seen."


Vehicle: Resembles a pod with buzzsaw-like blades in the center. The pod is on two tank treads and each tank tread has one turret.

Top Speed: 10/10

Handling: 10/10

Armor: 10/10

Mass: 10/10

Special Weapon: Dueling Blasters- Launches two missiles that can cause a huge devastating blast and severly damage your opponents.

Quotes Edit

"Lethal Force has been AUTHORISED!!!"- When selected

"Spin on that for a while!" -When defeated

Trivia Edit

  • If Nightshade is low on health, her tank treads will fall apart leaving her bouncing on the ground.
  • If you beat Neon Nightmare using her, then you are automatically sent to Eternal Acres, possibly due to the fact that it wouldn't make sense to have Nightshade go against herself in battle.
  • Nightshade is the only boss and unlockable character that is female. She's also the only female character to work for Big Daddyland Security.