"You want mustard on that?!"

-Richard "Dick" Biggs, driver of Meat Wagon

Meat Wagon is one of the main protagonist vehicles of the game. It is piloted by a crazed butcher, Richard "Dick" Biggs.

Character Bio Edit

Don't be fooled by size. In Biggs' case a little case goes a LONG way. He stands against the toughest adversaries. If you think he's easily taken out- well you don't know Dick.

Type of vehicle: Weinermobile


Top Speed: 6/10

Handling: 7/10

Armor: 6/10

Mass: 8/10

Special Weapon: Weenie Whacker- The weiner on the top of his car will swing and whack any opponents within its range.

Quotes Edit

"Dead meat!" -When you defeat him

"You want mustard on that?!" -When selected

Trivia Edit

  • A meat wagon is a vehicle used to transport dead bodies.
  • This vehicle tends to be ridiculed for its innuendos.
  • The special weapon name is a pun on 'weed whacker.'
  • Meat Wagon is an obvious parody of Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal series, a game that was first developed by SingleTrac.