Levels Description Boss
XLAX When you reach XLAX, you'll find a bevy of attentive, willing auto mercenaries waiting for you. (Tips are appreciated). Once you exit XLAX, you'll be on your way to one of Big Daddy's exotic vacation spots. Choose from...
DADDYWOOD Surf the Hollywood Hills for a wild ride with the rich and famous, but watch out for drive by shootings. They've gotten fairly common around here.
THE MAUL Level your favorite monuments and uncover a little scandal when you rock the White House in DC. (Note: You may face Goliath here or in Area 51.)
AREA 51 Shoot for the stars in the mysterious Area 51. Big Daddy's secret base holds the key to the age-old mystery of life on other planets. (Note: You may face Goliath here or The Maul.)
NEON NIGHTMARE Try your luck at Czar's Palace, where Big Daddy's loose slots make high rollers drool. (Nightshade boss)
ETERNAL ACRES These lush, rolling hills are a perfect place for a little R&R. Just make sure it's not you final resting place.
SO CAL Sunshine and beach babes abound in So Cal. This extravagant oceanside resort offers all the sun and fun you can handle.
HELL-O-STONE Experience one of the greatest natural wonders of the world, but watch were you're driving, those natural springs are hot! They don't call it Hell-o-stone for nothing.
QUAKE-A-RONI Shake, rattle and roll through Quake-a-roni. It may be tough to climb these steep hills, but once you're on top, you're master of this wild ride.
NUKE YORK It's a big, bad city full of gnarly dirtbags just waiting for you to invade their world of skyscrapers and sewers. (Big Daddy boss)
Bonus Area 1 Funtopia! Earn $$$ for destruction. You play this stage after you beat Area 51.
Bonus Area 2 The Gulch! AA of A Annual Shootout. Earn $$$ for every car eliminated. You play this stage after you beat Quake-a-roni.