"Scoundrels BEWARE!"

-Ratman, driver of Intruder

Intruder is one of the main playable characters and main protagonists of the game. The vehicle is piloted by Ratman.

Character Bio Edit

This little weasel has a real nose for crime. Ratman's motto: "Man by day, rat by night saving others from their plight!"


Type of vehicle: Batmobile-type vehicle

Top Speed: 8/10

Handling: 7/10

Armor: 7/10

Mass: 6/10

Special Weapon: The Ripper- Revving up his engine, his two front wheels morph into buzzsawss cutting other cars.

Quotes Edit

"Scoudrels beware!" -When you select him

"Holy explosion Ratman!" -When you defeat him

Trivia Edit

  • His character is an obvious homage to Batman. Even his vehicle resembles the Batmobile.
  • Ratman's backdrop and logo pays homage to Batman #1.
  • The "Holy explosion Ratman" line is similar to Robin's quotes from the 1960's Batman TV series.