"Roger 2-1-9er, cleared for covert action...but you didn't hear it from me!"

-Agent XQJ-37, pilot of the helicopter

The Helicopter is one of the two secret vehicles in the game, the other being the UFO. It is piloted by Agent XQJ-37. To unlock this character, you need to beat the game using Biohazard and get the code: L1, Triangle, R2, Triangle, Triangle, R1.

Character Bio Edit

This shadow of the night is on a secret mission of such a sensitive nature that even he is not allowed to see orders.

Type of Vehicle: Helicopter/ Boeing AH-64 Apache Helicopter


Top Speed: 10/10

Handling: 10/10

Armor: 10/10

Mass: 10/10

Special Weapon: Seekers- Shoots a yellow missile that will stun and damage any vehicles.

Trivia Edit

  • Though Agent XQJ-37 is part of Big Daddyland security, it's unknown why he isn't a boss in the game. It is possible however from his bio, that he didn't see nor hear the order from Big Daddy.
  • If playing as the helicopter, you still have to fight Nightshade and Goliath, even though all three of them work for Big Daddy.
  • He along with UFO and Big Daddy do not have lines when defeated by the player and are flying vehicles.