"Not now! I'm doing my nails!"

-Bunny, driver of Bitchin' Wheels

Bitchin' Wheels is one of the main vehicles in Rogue Trip. It is piloted by Bunny.

Character Bio Edit

This big-haired former beauty queen has traded her sceptre for a sawed-off. She can forget about winning 'Miss Congeniality' this time.

Type of Vehicle: Hot Rod/ Chevrolet Camaro


Top Speed: 8/10

Handling: 7/10

Armor: 6/10

Mass: 5/10

Special Weapon: Poodle Power- Her car will launch three hungry poodles which will home on the target and injure her opponents.

Quotes Edit

"Not now! I'm doing my nails!" -When you selected her

"Take yer humpin' dogs with ya!"- When defeated

Trivia Edit

  • Miss Congeniality is mentioned in her profile. Oddly enough, this film focused on an FBI agent going undercover as a beauty pageant contestant to find a bomb placed there.
  • She along with Gator Bait use animals for special weapons.
  • It's unknown what Bunny's last name is.

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